32 Books:  Lives and Careers

1.     Medicine

1.1. Pekkanen, John (1990). M. D.: Doctors Talk about Themselves. New York: Dell.

1.2. Selzer, Richard (1996). Letters to a Young Doctor. New York: Harvest.

1.3. Nolen, William A. (1999). The Making of a Surgeon. New York: Mid List Press.

1.4. Marion, Robert (2001). The Intern Blues : The Timeless Classic About the Making of a Doctor. New York: Perennial Library.

2.     Law

2.1. Liman, Arthur L. and Peter Israel (1998). Lawyer: A Life of Counsel and Controversy. New York, PublicAffairs.

2.2. Thomas, Evan (1991). The Man to See: Edward Bennett Williams Ultimate Insider; Legendary Trial Lawyer. New York, Simon and Schuster.

2.3. Turow, Scott (1977). One L. New York, Putnam.

2.4. Hoffman, Nicholas Von (1988). Citizen Cohn. New York, Doubleday.

3.     Business

3.1. Ferguson, Charles H. (1999). High Stakes, No Prisoners: A Winner's Tale of Greed and Glory in the Internet Wars. New York, Three Rivers Press.

3.2. Lewis, Michael (1989). Liar's Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street. New York, W. W. Norton.

3.3. Wallace, James (1992). Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire. New York, John Wiley.

3.4. Slater, Robert and Jack Welch (1992). The New GE: How Jack Welch Revived an American Intitution. New York: McGraw Hill.

3.5. McLean, Bethany and Peter Elkind (2003). Smartest Guys in the Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron. New York: Portfolio.

3.6. Burrough, Bryan and John Helyar (1990). Barbarians at the Gate : The Fall of RJR Nabisco. New York: Harper.

3.7. Iacocca, Lee (1986). Iacocca: An Autobiography. New York: Bantam Books.

4.     Public Service, Government, Politics, Non Profits

4.1. Caro, Robert (2002). Master of the Senate. New York, Knopf

4.2. Mandela, Nelson (2000). Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela. New York, Holt Rinehart Winston.

4.3. Goldstein, Warren (2004). William Sloan Coffin Jr. New Haven: Yale University Press.

5.     Media and Journalism

5.1. Salamon, Julie (1992). The Devil's Candy : The Bonfire of the Vanities Goes to Hollywood. New York, Delta.

5.2. Goldman, William (1989). Adventures in the Screen Trade. New York, Warner.

5.3. Bradlee, Benjamin C. (1995). A Good Life: Newspapering and Other Adventures. New York, Simon & Schuster.

6.     Arts

6.1. Munro, Eleanor (2000). Originals: American Women Artists. New York: DeCapo Press.

6.2. Berger, John (1993). The Success and Failure of Picasso. New York: Vintage.

7.     Science and Engineering

7.1. Watson, James D. (1968). The Double Helix : A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA. New York, Touchstone.

7.2. Stokes, Donald E. (1997). Pasteurs Quadrant: Basic Science and Technological Innovation. Washington, Brookings.

8.     Academic

8.1. Bateson, Mary Catherine (1990). Composing a Life. New York, Penguin.

8.2. Darley, John M., Mark P. Zanna and Henry L. Roediger, Eds. (2003). The Compleat Academic: A Career Guide. American Psychological Association.

8.3. Frost, Peter J. and M . Susan Taylor, Eds. (1996). Rhythms of Academic Life : Personal Accounts of Careers in Academia. Thosand Oaks CA: Sage.

9.     Other

9.1. Gardner, Howard (1995). Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership. New York, Basic Books.

9.2. Gitlin, Todd (1993). The Sixties : Years of Hope, Days of Rage. New York, Bantam.

9.3. Neustadt, Richard E. and Ernest R. May (1986). Thinking in Time: The Uses of Hisory for Decision Makers. New York: Free Press.





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